Bogie Finds the Perfect Napkin!

The client after seeing some brown tinted photos asked if I could do a similar type of thing in color He then told me about a multi-image slide show he was working on introducing a new product line to the Scott paper sales staff.

The idea was that Humphrey Bogart goes into a seedy diner looking for a kidnap victim and instead falls in love with the waitress and also discovers the perfect new Scott Paper Napkin.

We found a local diner which served breakfast and lunch only. We rented the entire place for the afternoon and evening. There was almost no need to dress the set, even the calendar on the wall looked like it was from the forties.

The actors/models came from a local theatre group and they were having a blast mugging for the camera. The costuming came from a theatrical costume rental agency.

We used a fast grainy film, warming and diffusion filters to give the soft tinted look to the pictures.