The Outrageous Real Estate Lady!

My wife Sharon and I were in the market for a new house when I was approached about doing an advertisement for Dupont Corian. The marketing research showed that many new home buyers were very impressed when they found Dupont Corian counter tops. The client and agency decided to market the Corian product to builders, kitchen designers and fabricators.

The concept for the ad was that it is not the agent that sells the house it is the finishing and materials used in the house that make the sale. The creative team thought it would be fun to have an outrageous real estate agent emoting about all of the features of the house, while the home buyers were falling in love with the Corian Counter tops. My wife and I had just had a number of experiences working with outrageous Real Estate ladies so the theme of the ad was really hitting close to home.

Interestingly the real estate agent is also the waitress in the Scott paper piece. Her name is Susan Wilder. I called Susan and told her about the ad, she also had recently had an experience dealing with agents, she immediately started tossing out ideas for clothing, jewlry, hair and makeup as well as ideas about how to pull the thing off. We were on the same wave length and she was already having fun with the job.

The next task was to find the home buyers. Based on the demographics the client was very specific about the type of people they wanted. We went through the model books and pulled out a half dozen people who we liked,. the client was given the samples and agreed with our choices, we were off.

We then scouted for the location and dressed the set and models.

Shoot day came and everything clicked.

After publication the client called to say that more calls were received after the first day of running the ad then all of the calls received from previous ads.