Getting There is Half the Trouble!

The assignment was to visit Chemical plants around the U.S. and Canada. Each location had it's own problems and solutions. American Cyanamid was looking for a consistent look to all of the photographs and therefore only wanted to use one photographer for the job. This plant was near Niagra Falls in Canada.

Canadian customs makes it very difficult for Americans to work in Canada. We had been told before our arrival that when going through customs we should say that we were working on a photojournalistic assignment and also working for an American Company. I uttered these words and was immediately pulled aside and asked to open all of my bags. After 45 minutes of questions about my equipment, lights and how to photograph the custom agent's three year old daughter I was told I could go and " have a nice trip."

The first thing the next morning hoping to take advantage of the early morning light (as we had originally planned) I arrived at the plant. The guard at the gate had not been informed of my arrival and my contact at the plant wasn't expected for at least an hour (there goes the early morning light).

When he finally arrived an hour later he apologized saying he had forgotten about our appointment. We then entered the plant and began the tour.

This picture is of a raw materials feed line for a Carbide Furnace. The feed line is at the top of the furnace and this picture was shot near one of the few existing windows in the entire plant.

The light was beautiful, thank goodness the client was late.