Real men don't eat Quiche!

This was another job for American Cyanamid. The man in the picture is Tapping a Carbide Furnace. This was probably one of the most dangerous jobs I have ever photographed. The temperature where the man is standing is about 180°F.

Every half hour the workers have to tap the furnace. Tapping involves opening up a drain and allowing the molten carbide to flow out. (Carbide is used in the making of stainless steel.) The workers told me that if the job is not performed on time there is a good chance the furnace would explode. Of course after telling me the gruesome details of what happens when the thing explodes they then began talking about man's second favorite topic of conversation, food. The consensus was there is nothing like a good hot sausage sandwich. I guess it's true Real Men don't eat Quiche

In order to take the picture I needed to dress in the same outfit as the worker, hard hat, face shield and steel toe boots. The picture was shot using available light and all of the light was provided by the furnace.