A Dirty Job

On some jobs you find pictures and then there are others where you have to make them. This was a case where we did a little of both. The client was looking for pretty pictures at a power generation plant. The plant in it's day must have been beautiful but that was back in the 1940's when it was built. By the time I arrived the walls and all of the equipment were covered with almost 50 years of dirt. One of the pictures the clients and I decided to do was of a worker welding. We toured the plant trying to find a good location. After wandering around catwalks for awhile we found this spot. There were virtually no lights in this area since we were almost at ceiling level. I liked the angle of the roof line but really had no idea how spectacular it was until we lit it.

In order to take this photo we had a number of strobe lights which we attached to the catwalks. These lit up the wall and girders on the left. The welder is up about 4 stories from the plant floor on a small catwalk. and he had to run the lines down to his welding rig.

I was wedged between 2 girders on another catwalk about 2 flights up. When I got to my position I leaned on a girder and sunk into about an inch of 50 years worth of accumulated grease. My elbow never did hit steel.

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.